We’re very happy to welcome back Red Pauly in what we believe is his strongest E.P. to
Showing different sides of the personality and musical style of our artist in the tracks that
take part in the release, this is a majestic work.
In “Blackroom”, the track that gives the title to the E.P., Red Pauly offers us a mental travel.
Little by little we get into the scenario he presents us, and as time goes forward sounds
come into scene, as travel mates, who share with us a destiny revealed at the end of the
song. A mental red, a dense black and a super bright white are the colors used by Red Pauly
to paint this music, using his most personal palette.
On the other side, “Butterflies” reveals us it´s
most steadily oriented side to constant rhythm, where the song never stops rising up and
where it´s quick progressions make us to be continuously ready for something to come,
until the last second, where chords twister, mutate and change as song happens, even
having their own life.