Blackplace is a label that aims to explore the slope of the most underground electronic music, without labels, based on dub sounds as main way of thought without losing the sight of the
dance floor and DJ work.
Blackplace is presenting its first reference by Imugem Orihasam who are offering you their Rainy Dance EP.
Reference full of his own sounds, with large developments that will create atmospheres which will introduce you into an endless loop, great for this first Ep.
Imugem has been comming up with a style based on classic House with Dub elements, and goes in between the organic and the static.
His first release came out through from Esperanza label in Madrid Spain owened by Kasper & Papol. Beside Esperanza, he also signed up with labels like Soul People Music.
Enjoy it!


Genre: Techno,House,dub.
Release Date: May 01 2010


1.Imugem Orihasam – Across The Asari Bridge.
2 Imugem Orihasam – Last Night
3 Imugem Orihasam – Rainy Dance.