Born in 1983, this musician based in Madrid has always been
motivated by music, working in diferent styles like hip-hop,
 house, idm, dub or techno.
Notably his address at former Guiedi Prime contemporary arts
Focus on the dissemination of modern arts into an international
panorama,like his performances in different venues around the
In addition, he is producing music for labels as Esperanza or
Del Barrio Records.
He also is starting a new minimalist ambiental dub project
called Ausdrücke with his friend and colleage Galman.
He takes part in a minimal techno band named Happy 3 Friends,
working together with his friends Galman and Tony Donatto.
Gale Talk live set is one of his most important ways to share
what is inside his mind when performing, he says.
We can find different atmospheres at all times in his eclectic
and full of surprises live set. Coming to a thrilling acoustic
symbiosis between the musician and the crowd.